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to Top My Workout Barbell Club

Top My Workout is a Barbell Club located in Signal Hills, CA. We operate through two pillars:

Scientific Programming & Community

Without either of these values, our Barbell Club would not be what it is today. We thrive off of our athletes' success and sense of community. We want everyone coming in our doors to feel at home whether they are there for a training session or simply to go to a place they feel they belong. Join Top My Workout to be a part of a team and family of lifters.

About Us & Our Mission

To build a community around strength, confidence, and results. We use scientific programming as a vehicle of our athletes' results to mold them into a stronger, more confident version of the amazing individual they were when they first joined.

We have named all members of our club athletes, whether they are competitive or not. We cater to every level and walk of life.

The Gummy Bear Story

Gummy bears are a delicious candy. Candy is usually looked down on in the fitness world. We see a different side to sugar and its potent energy use.

Here is the science: The human body can digest and transport 1 gram of glucose (sugar) per minute. While weightlifting, the human body is using glucose to fuel muscles to contract and lift mass. Each gummy bear is 1 gram of sugar, therefore, if you are ever weightlifting and notice you are dizzy, lightheaded, or randomly start yawning even though you felt AMPED at the beginning of your workout, you are most likely low on your glucose stores. Eat a gummy bear or two and you will be refueled within 60 seconds. Lift on!

How to Find us


3221 Industry Dr., Signal Hill, CA 90755

(562) 270-5082

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